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    A key feature of the PrimeTimes Wall Calendar, and perhaps the main reason for its world-wide success, is this "Best Days" chart, which rates each day on a scale of 0 - 100. (Sorry about the poor scan...the actual calendar has diamond-sharp graphics.) The results are then displayed both graphically (the bar chart) and numerically (the bottom row of numbers).

These ratings reflect the amount of electromagnetic influence the earth is receiving each day, based on factors such as the moon's current phase (shown in yellow), its distance from the earth, plus the angle of the orbit of both the moon and sun (their "high-low" cycles). Other tables tell you there is no difference in the potential of any given new, full, or half moon. As you can see here, that isn't true.

Another major difference between PrimeTimes and the others is how each day's periods are presented. If you haven't already been to that page, click here or on the "PrimeTimes Daily Periods" link below to see how PrimeTimes is the only one to incorporate those critical solar periods as well as the lunar ones.



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Best Days Close-up

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